Additional Photos
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Front of the home showing the great curb appeal, luscious grass, natural area next to the concrete drive, sidewalk, trees, & tranquil setting!


 Front mailbox area showing curb, sidewalk, natural area & grass transition in the front yard!


View of home from the right side showing the natural area, neat landscaping, sculpted bushes all cut away from the home, full masonry chimney, & where the front skylights and windows are located!


Entry foyer is slate tile that transitions to a spacious Berber carpet entrance hall into the open floor plan of the home!


Living room/dining room area as shot from the kitchen to show the cathedral ceiling, skylights, fireplace, eyeball accent lights & ceiling fan!


Living room as shot from the front of the dining room area to show another angle, built-ins, windows & blinds!


Dining room area as viewed from kitchen featuring Carolina Tiffany accent light, side door entrance & foyer & glass pane/door area to back deck!


Kitchen as viewed from dining room/side door area to show size, space, location, ceiling height and track lighting. There is a window above the kitchen sink!

Master bedroom with beautiful, private views out back! Master bath is to the right & walk-in closet which is located on the wall at the foot of the bed. Bedroom two also has a walk-in closet with built-ins!


Back deck 1 as viewed from the right rear corner of the home & steps in left of picture come down from an attached storage space onto the lower deck 2!


View from steps at attached storage area back across deck 1. Steps go down to deck 2 which is made the same way as deck 1 without railing at ground level! There is also a wired storage shed & gates on both sides of the home in the back!


View of left rear of home across to right rear showing partial stone patio, steps to attached storage, ground level deck 2 & up to the huge main deck 1! The wired storage shed is located back and to the left of here!